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“The Only Living Billionaire Playwright”

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When I was studying years ago in University and in a playwriting course, my teacher named Martin Mcdonagh as the “Only living billionaire playwright”. Afterwards this statement was regurgitated from time to time  by my peers. I never really sought the truth of this statement, I just excepted it. Which is what we do as young trusting students.

The other night I was out with some friends at The Royal Court where Mcdonagh’s new play Hangmen has just had a sellout run. I found myself in conversation quoting once again that “Mcdonagh’s is the only living billionaire playwright”. As I tend to keep fairly inquisitorial company a friend of mine questioned this statement comparing him to other famous and successful playwrights. To which I answered  ‘Well that’s what they say’.

So I decided to investigate it further and so far have found absolutely no evidence whether or not Mcdonagh is the only living billionaire playwright nor have I found any evidence of exactly how wealthy he is. He is no doubt successful as he’s had an extensive stage career with renowned plays such as; the Beauty Queen of Leenane, Pillowman, The Lieutenant of Innishmore, The Lonesome West. As well as a triumphant film career with works such as; In Bruges, Seven Psychopaths.

But so far no evidence on the billionaire status and if in fact it is true, did he become billionaire through his playwriting? Seems pretty unlikely, playwriting in general is not the easiest or most lucrative profession out there. But I’m going to keep investigating this and give a more in depth analysis soon.

One thought on ““The Only Living Billionaire Playwright”

  1. I heard the richest playwright was one who gets his work done in schools a lot and so he has constant rights payments coming in (don’t remember the name). But he’s not a billionaire.


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