Creative Sustainability

A few years ago whilst I was job hunting (you know the usual) I came across an artist’s mobility forum called On The Move.  And  promoting itself throughout this site was a not for profit organization called Julie’s Bicycle.  Which ‘bridges the gap between creative industries and sustainability.’ Apparently over 1000 companies and organizations across the UK have gotten involved with Julie’s Bicycle and the sustainable toolkit for mobility and energy efficiency.

It seems on their website they’ve worked with some really large companies but that they are a good source for information on how to bring green culture to your artistic field. This is something I’m hoping to learn more about and apply to my work. Though I am pretty smalltime in comparison I have been thinking about working again in Canada whilst maintaing a career here in the UK. However I feel reluctant to do so due to the carbon footprint factor. How does one work internationally whilst being fair to the environment?

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