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“The Only Living Billionaire Playwright”

(Header photo: Flicker Creative Commons/jedsullivan) When I was studying years ago in University and in a playwriting course, my teacher named Martin Mcdonagh as the “Only living billionaire playwright”. Afterwards this statement was regurgitated from time to time  by my peers. I never really sought the truth of this statement, I just excepted it. Which is what we do as young trusting students. The other … Continue reading “The Only Living Billionaire Playwright”

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Creating Costumes with Little or No Experience.

(Header photo: Flickr Creative Commons/tsuacctnt) DIY!!! This past spring I wrote a short play that required a wedding dress as a costume. Now if your on a budget, writing a wedding dress into a scene or show is financial suicide as obviously they don’t come cheap and  it is a very specific costume. It has to look good. So being your typical creative on a budget I decided … Continue reading Creating Costumes with Little or No Experience.

Bittersweet Frequencies

“Bitter/Sweet Frequencies is a unique evening dinner experience that draws sound, architecture and food together. Specially organised by Sto for the Look & Listen exhibition, the results of a diverse collaboration between food anthropologist Rachel Karasik, sound artist Doug Haywood, Architect Tomas Klassnik and artist Ilona Sagar, will take you on an inspiring culinary journey through the sonic attributes of eating.” Hired as a performer our work focused … Continue reading Bittersweet Frequencies

Creative Sustainability

A few years ago whilst I was job hunting (you know the usual) I came across an artist’s mobility forum called On The Move.  And  promoting itself throughout this site was a not for profit organization called Julie’s Bicycle.  Which ‘bridges the gap between creative industries and sustainability.’ Apparently over 1000 companies and organizations across the UK have gotten involved with Julie’s Bicycle and the … Continue reading Creative Sustainability

The Kindred Stain

One of my most recent endeavours. As a ploy to become familiar with my local theatre whilst building on my writing skills, I  joined the Brockley Jack’s writing worship this past October. With the group I developed my short play The Kindred Stain which was produced at the Jack Studio on March 15, 2015. My play was directed by the Jack’s artistic director Kate Bannister and played a brilliant … Continue reading The Kindred Stain